I have never believed in the so-called truth of photography but I do believe in an ultimate honesty of the photographic image.

Though beginning with the singular image, the construction of multiple imagery has been a factor in my work since the late 1980’s. Given the grace of hindsight, this kind of post-production work has brought me closer to reflecting the inner state of what I am trying to do. It is a moving target, even after forty years. My images utilize scanned objects and both conventional and digital photographs taken over a span of 40 years. Using large format inkjet printers, a variety of final prints can be produced for inclusion in handmade books, for conventional gallery hangings or as a basis for my paintings.

I am retired from an academic career of 30 years teaching photography, art and humanities, and live a country life dominated by horses, weather and time. Exhibiting since the middle 1970’s, I am represented in both public and private collections.